Jeff Huckaby and the mural he painted for a shop at the Downtown Disney shopping complex near Orlando.

Creating beautiful surfaces and ornamentation for two decades...



It is an absolute joy to have a part in making someone's house a home; to help bring the private spaces they live in everyday to life in a way that only custom artisan craftmanship can; it's not decoration, it's art!"

-Jeff Huckaby

Jeff Huckaby has been creating finishes and painted ornamentation for the interior design trade as well as for private homeowners since 1996. He relocated to Phoenix, Arizona from Central Florida in the summer of 2015. 

In the studio, Jeff is currently exploring new and exciting surface finishes for the Scottsdale/Phoenix interiors market that reflect his lifelong appreciation of an "organic-modern" aesthetic. Inspiration in the studio also continues to emerge from extensive and ongoing travels to Europe (it's good to be the spouse an airline employee!) as well as from classic ornamentation in the manner of historic master painters such as Giorgio Vasari and Christophe Huet. Experimentation is always on the menu and a strongly held belief in the studio is that learning never ends.

At the age of 21, Jeff was employed as an intern with Walt Disney Imagineering in Glendale, California where he worked under the guidance of veteran artist and Imagineering legend, Joe Rohde. Jeff created presentation sketches and drawings for the then to be announced Animal Kingdom Park in Florida.

In 1996, Jeff founded his specialty painting company serving Central Florida as well as the Palm Beach and Miami areas of South Florida. His work has been published in Florida Design and Southern Living magazine as well as featured on numerous painting trade sites, CNN, and design blogs. 

In recent years, Jeff has dedicated himself to mastering the Italianate ornamentation style called ‘grottesca’. He also recently completed three large commercial murals (pictured above) for a shop at the Disney Springs shopping complex in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

Now serving greater Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona and areas beyond.

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